How Does It Work


What kind of results should I expect from the “Handling Hebrew” seminar?

You should expect the same results experienced by churches wherever I have taught the seminar. From day one, I love seeing people move from “maybe I can get this” to “I can actually learn Hebrew.” By the time the course concludes, most present have experienced several breakthrough moments with the language. I regularly have former attendees contact me with testimonies of how their new grasp on Hebrew has revolutionized their understanding of God’s Word. The most common question, by far, I receive from pastors remains, “when can you return for part two?” Please make sure to watch the video wherein well-known Hebrew expert, author, and pastor Rick Renner personally endorses the seminar. In 2013, Renner Ministries had me teach the course in Moscow to many of their staff members.

If we desire to host the “Handling Hebrew” seminar for non-English speaking audience, do you have experience working with interpreters?

Yes! I have worked with interpreters many times since 1989.  As long as the hosting church provides a skilled interpreter things will work smoothly.

What type of equipment do you require a hosting church to have on sight for the “Handling Hebrew” seminar?

A large dry erase board—the bigger the better—high quality dry erase markers, and a large, new eraser serve as the most important tools I will employ.  Video cameras capable of projecting our work on the whiteboard onto screens serve as another exceptionally helpful, albeit not necessary aid.

What do students need to bring to the “Handling Hebrew” seminar?

Their Bibles, something for taking notes (iPad, laptop, pen and paper), and a willingness to learn.  I will provide students with both a course syllabus and several important handouts.

Will the “Handling Hebrew” seminar be primarily lecture or more interactive?

Both. One cannot learn to play a sport by merely hearing a lecture.  The same holds true for a language.  Interaction remains a must.  I incorporate into the sessions a time for hands for attendees to practice what they just learned.  I also have a question and answer period at the end of each session.  For this reason, we limit the number of students to 65.

How many sessions comprise the “Handling Hebrew” seminar?

I tailor the schedule to the needs of each organization.  Some have me do as many as 15 sessions.  Others ask for a condensed version made up of eight sessions.  Each session is one hour long with a short break after each session.  Most local churches prefer the condensed, eight session program.  Bible schools tend to ask for the extended, 15 session version.

What days of the week work best for the “Handling Hebrew” seminar?

For Bible schools, it varies according to their class schedules.  The most popular scenario for hosting churches is the following:  Two sessions on Friday evening, three sessions on Saturday morning, an extended break for lunch, and three sessions Saturday afternoon.  Although this serves as the most popular arrangement, I can conduct the course for any combination of days the hosting church desires.

In the above mentioned scheduling scenario, are you available to minister on Sunday here in our local church?

Thus far, every hosting church has asked me to minister to their entire congregation on Sunday morning.  When a “Handling Hebrew” seminar concludes on a Saturday; I always plan on ministering in the hosting church that Sunday.  Of course, the choice to have me minister on Sunday is completely up to the hosting church.

Can more than one church join together to host the “Handling Hebrew” seminar?

Certainly. The seminar can easily be promoted as a joint venture by several churches?  I regularly have people from various churches in a given region in attendance.

How much does the “Handling Hebrew” seminar cost?

All expenses for the “Handling Hebrew” seminar are covered via registration fees.  Also, pastors of hosting churches may attend free of charge.  Please note that I refuse to let money stand as hindrance to teaching people this wonderful language of the New Testament.  We offer discounts for those currently undergoing a financial challenge.

How fast does your schedule fill up?

Very fast. In addition to teaching people the language of God’s Word, I am the founding pastor of a church.  The amazing work the Lord is doing in our church demands a great deal of my time.  This, coupled with repeated requests for the “Handling Hebrew” seminar, results in a quickly packed calendar.

Do you only go to mega churches and very large Bible schools with the “Handling Hebrew” seminar?

No. I have ministered in places of all sizes.  If the Lord tells me to go; I will be there.

Can you provide a synopsis of each session?

Once you book the “Handling Hebrew” seminar, our office will send you a course syllabus.

Once we agree to book a “Handling Hebrew” seminar, how do people register?

We will have a registration page on our website.

What is the first step in securing our spot for a “Handling Hebrew” seminar in our church or Bible school?

To secure your spot, contact our office located here at Living Truth Church in Carmel, Indiana, USA.  You can reach us at: (317)-701-5067, [email protected]