Make sense of Biblical Hebrew to gain a deeper understanding of the scripture.

On-site course for easy study so ancient Hebrew comes alive to you and your congregation.

Gain understanding

Enjoy a simple but profound approach to this major biblical language

Gain revelation

Enjoy a new and in-depth perspective on biblical truths

See Lasting Results

Never look at God’s word and principles the same again.

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Go from “maybe I can get this” to “I can actually learn Hebrew”

By the time you conclude this course, you will have experienced several breakthrough moments with the language.

Learn in a group setting

Dive deeper and expand your ministry



Handle Hebrew like a pro.

Keith Trump’s seminars are well known for one thing above all else drastic and lasting results. Keith has spent over 30 years of his life immersed in the language of the Old and New Testament.

Get started with an easy to engage with course and start growing in your walk with God today.

On-site instruction


Easy so anyone can learn

Understand the Bible better

Highlights of our Training Seminars

A clear and simple approach to the biblical languages

Fun and interactive instruction and application

Use of everyday “common-man” versions of Hebrew

Schedule your Hebrew training seminar for you and your congregation

Step 1

Schedule Training

Let’s jump on a call together and pick some dates that work for you, your team, or your congregation.

Step 2

Let’s Learn Together

We spend two or more days together teaching you how to uncover truths from Hebrew easily.

Step 3

Get Accurate and Confident

You enjoy renewed confidence and depth in your teachings and leadership


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